Our core values. We base our work on the loyalty, creativity, freedom, and enjoyment. We adhere to these core values and look at our research activities as an “infinite game”. Adopting this infinite mindset in our research practice, we aim to enjoy developing breakthrough science and technologies, to build trust among our team members and to develop a healthy working environment. By gathering a great team of young researchers and scientists with diverse scientific and cultural backgrounds from all over the world, we have created a system team who does not aim to “win”, but to improve, get better and impact more in every single day.

Mohammad J. Mirzaali (PI)


Mauricio Cruz Saldivar (Postdoc fellow)

Bio-inspired composites and interfaces


Pier de Jong (PhD candidate)

Compliant mechanism


Ebrahim Yarali (PhD candidate)

Biomimetic meta-implants


Vahid Moosabeiki (PhD candidate)

3D printed medical devices


Lorezo Kunkels (PhD candidate)

Soft-hard interfaces


Sara Panahkhahi (PhD candidate)

Bio-fabrication of soft-hard interfaces


Sahar Safarloo (PhD candidate)

Opto-mechanical sensors for cell mechanobiology


Nasim Shahriari (PhD candidate)

Multi-functional maxillofacial implant


Jianxing Yang

Visiting PhD


Ayman Ahmed Mubeen

MSc student working on 4D printing


Maarten Zwart 

MSc student working on functionally graded interfaces


Rick van Tunen

MSc student working on cardiovascular implants


Jordi Cazier

MSc student

Kai Cussen

MSc student working on dynamic loading of meta-biomaterials



Dr.  Kolken, H. M. A., "Poisson meets Escher",  doctoral thesis TUDelft, 2022.

Dr. Pahlavani, H., "Machine learning and randomness in mechanical metamaterials", doctoral thesis TUDelft, 2023.

Dr. Saldivar, M. C., "The bits of nature: bioinspired bitmap composites", doctoral thesis TUDelft, 2023.

Former visiting researchers

Dr. Pulat, G., Post-doctoral fellow, 2022.

Dr. Salehi, S., visiting PhD scholarPOLIMI, 2021.

Naghavi Zadeh, M., visiting PhD candidateCranfield University, 2019.

Dr. Khoshgoftar, M. J., Visiting scholar, Arak University, 2019.

Former BSc/ MSc students

Ciobanu, A., "New biofabrication technique for creating extreme hard-soft interfaces", Bachelor thesis The Hague University of Applied Science, 2023.

Salvatori, Y., "Design of a 3D printed shape-morphing structure with magnetically activated self-locking joints",  MSc thesis University of Genoa, 2022.

Limuti, M., "Breakiing the isotropy: expanding the energy absorbance domain of 3D soft lattice metastructures",  MSc thesis POLIMI, 2022.

Tay Wei Shen, E., "The bits that matter: a bone remodelling approach for biphasic metamaterial optimisation",  MSc thesis TUDelft, 2022.

Fokker, M., "Development of crumpled-based meta-biomaterials as bone filling substituents",  MSc thesis TUDelft, 2022.

Wu, C., "Exploring the mechanical properties of bending- and stretching-dominated metamaterials",  MSc thesis TUDelft, 2022.

Mousavi Movahed, M. "Design and fabrication of bone-mimetic composites",  MSc thesis Isfahan University, 2022.

Tsifoutis Kazolis, K., "AI-based inverse design of random network metamaterials",  MSc thesis TUDelft, 2022.

de Winter, N., "Validation and optimization of patient-specific orthopedic plate design for proximal femur fixation in slipped capital femoral epiphysis patients",  MSc thesis TUDelft, 2022.

Troost, L., "3D printed smart transtibial prosthesis equipped with temperature and pressure sensory systems",  MSc thesis TUDelft, 2022.

Boersma, E., "Correlation between the mechanical properties and the structures of the equine osteochondral interface during maturation",  MSc thesis TUDelft, 2022.

van Houten, P., "A characterization method for hard-soft material interfaces in structural optimization",  MSc thesis TUDelft, 2021.

Veeger, R., "Property-based functional gradients for biomimetic composites",  MSc thesis TUDelft, 2021.

van Kootwijk, A., "Development of a workflow for designing patient-specific mandibular reconstruction implants and predicting their performance through experimentally validated finite element models",  MSc thesis TUDelft, 2021.

Pitta Kruize, C., "Design and fabrication of 3D-printed hard-soft interfaces made from PLA and hydrogel", MSc thesis TUDelft, 2021.

Peteers, D., "The effect of scaffolds with a negative, zero, or positive Poisson's ratio on pre-osteoblastic (MC3T3-E1) cell response", MSc thesis TUDelft, 2020.

Gkoni, I., "Large bone-implants for osteochondral regeneration, fabrication and ex-vivo testing",  MSc thesis TUDelft, 2020.

Amani, M., "Patient-specific 3D printing of transtibial socket prosthesis", Gent University, 2020.

Dimaraki, A., "Bioprinting of zonal cartilage scaffolds using different cell densities", MSc thesis TUDelft, 2020.

Trabattoni, E., "Multi-material 3D printing of torsion-resistance biomimetic composites", MSc thesis POLIMI, 2019.

Tonarelli, G., "Finite element modeling of biomimetic torsion-resistance composites", MSc thesis POLIMI, 2019.

Oldhoff, M., "Design and optimisation of an additively manufactured patient-specific partial mandible reconstruction implant", MSc thesis TUDelft, 2019.

Gunashekar, D., "Voxel-based additive manufacturing of biomimetic multiscale anisotropic materials", MSc thesis TUDelft, 2019.

Caracciolo, A., "Dual-phase interaction of metamaterials and dual-phase design with superimposed shapes, MSc thesis POLIMI, 2018.

Herranz de la Nava, A., "Voxel-based additive manufacuring of biomimetic functionally graded materials", MSc thesis TUDelft, 2018.

Edens, M., "Voxel-based additive manufacturing of biomimetic hard-soft materials", MSc thesis TUDelft, 2018.

van Dongen, I., "A finite element model to determine the bactericidal and cytotoxic properties of nanopatterned surfaces: a parametric study", MSc thesis TUDelft, 2017.


Bouwakdh, F., "Effect of mechanical properties’ distribution on porcine trabecular bone under load", MSc thesis POLIMI, 2018.

Böhm, C., "Effects of fatigue loading on trabecular bone: analysis of mechanical, morphological and clinical parameters", MSc thesis POLIMI, 2018.

Ferrario, D., "Effect of morphological and clinical parameters on damage accumulation in porcine trabecular bone", MSc thesis POLIMI, 2016.