Research interests

Fabrication processes: (Multi-material) Additive Manufacturing; 3D micro fabrication; 4D printing.

Materials: Biomaterials; Biomimetics; Smart materials; Multi-functional materials; Medical devices; Designer materials; Functionally graded materials.

Mechanics of materials: Damage mechanics; Fracture mechanics.

Computational modelling: Finite element modelling; Machine learning; Topology optimisation.

Multidisciplinary research: Biomechanics; Bone mechanics; Regenerative Medicine; Tissue (interface) engineering; Electronics.

Research Projects and awards

  • Delft Bioengineering Institute for cross-campus research project "Sixth Sense Biomaterials", (PI, in collaboration with Dr. Massimo Mastrangeli, 20k

  • Idea Generator (NWA-IDG) for the project "3D printed biomimetic interfaces", PI, 50k€

  • Idea Generator (NWA-IDG) for the project "Micro-architecture property-space and optimum functional conditions mapping of bioinspired multi-material 3D printable composites with the use of finite element method in conjunction with machine learning algorithms" (main applicant: M. Cruz Saldivar, 50k€)

  • 3ME, Sectorplan Cohesion grant for the project “Bio-mimetic meta-implants” (PI, in collaboration with Dr. A. Accardo, 200k€)

  • 4TU.HTM Funding for CROSS-LAB materials science activities between TUEindhoven (Dr. W.G. Ellenbroek, Prof. C. Storm) and TUDelft (Prof. A. Zadpoor), 4k€

  • IDEA League Students Grants, 3.5k€